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Some of our fabulous members...

All our members are local to the area and create projects in our community of Lewes, alongside wider national & international projects.


You can find out more about them and also contact them through their own personal links below...


    Alinah Azadeh 



    Alinah Azadeh 


Alinah Azadeh is a visual artist working across media on both small and large scales. Often involving the public in acts of gift, ritual and playful exchange, they create dialogue around the nature of loss, longing and our social identities. 


Installations include; The Bibliomancer’s Dream (2009, South Bank Centre), The Gifts (2010, Bristol Museum) and All Is Not Lost (2014, Museum of Picardy). Burning the Books (2011-15) was a collaborative, touring performance project exploring the power of debt, supported by Arts Council England. 


Her recent commission was for the Houses of Parliament.


  Lex Titterington

     07588 532227

Hello my name is Lex I am a creative facilitator, movement and visual artist, permaculture designer and yoga teacher. I facilitate and design workshops, courses and retreats throughout the UK and internationally. 


I have 25 years of Professional practice in the arts which allows me to bring a unique flair to the art of creative facilitation. My work is based on connection and interconnection of self, community and the earth. Being deeply passionate about inclusivity and diversity, my practice promotes regeneration and connection with an aim to support all lives to truly grow with vitality and vigour.

My professional background and experience is in Theatre of the Oppressed, street theatre, circus, design, art, mime, mask, puppetry, Sign Language, music, yoga, evolutionary movement, trauma release, meditation, Deep Ecology, Permaculture and nature connection.

I bring fun, freshness, creativity, depth, sensitivity, embodiment and an innate sense of play to groups and individuals. I enjoy working in a range of places including arts centres, businesses, hospitals, schools and retreat centres.

Daisy is a fully qualified Aromatherapist and Life Coach. Her aromatherapy business DaisyMay Sprays has its HQ at Pop Up Studios, where she handcrafts and alchemically blends each spray in her studio. DaisyMay Sprays are high quality Aromatherapy Sprays to use in your space, aura or room to enhance & effect your mood. Each spray is individually handmade by Daisy influenced by 17 years working as an Aromatherapist & wellbeing teacher. 


Her work as a Life Coach spans personal & project coaching, working 1-1 in person/ via zoom/ phone alongside coaching walks out in the wilds around Lewes. She also runs workshops and group courses locally and nationally, to support clients to take ownership of their life, create real positive change and fulfill their potential. She focuses on work/ life balance and also with heart-centred Solopreneurs to work more effectively & authentically in the world.


She has a background in creating social and environmental projects which make an impact on their community and the world. Some of the projects she has been a key team member in creating are the Sacred Earth land project, The Wildheart Gathering, The Womens Mysteries Camp & Buddhafield Family Retreats.



   Robert Underwood



     @looondig (on Instagram) 


I'm a sometime botanical artist and full-time illustrator, painter and artist. I'm also an RHS qualified horticulturist of 20 years standing. I'm interested in the persuasive power of art to soothe and heal persuade and protest.i love the Parisian modernist styles and outsider work.Art is a power at our disposal.Contributing cartoonist for viva lewes.


@looondig (on Instagram) 



   Chris Paul



     07528 597463

Chris studied at Kingsway-Princeton College & Goldsmiths College of Art.. He works in a variety of Fine Art media, specialising in Wood/lino cut Fine Art prints, collage, assemblages and combined. Exhibited @ Kingsway, Axis Gallery, Phoenix Gallery & Trafalgar Street Gallery, Brighton.


Presently he's focusing on ceramics, hand painted and constructed glass. From last year  he has shown : "Untitled hand painted glass circular panel" @ the Railway gallery, Lewes . Tryptch of Ceramic "Calvary", shown at St John's Sub-Castro Church at Pells, Lewes & latterly at St Anne's Parish church.  Currently he's working on a large circular base for mainly hand painted glass construction "Galilee". Also Collage/Assemblage related to sub-continental Indian theme, preparing soldered lead framed glass for glass painting and completion of hand made dyed series of candle designs.

He welcomes individual visits to his studio to view and commissions.  He is also a published Poet.


   Jackie Bennett





   Jackie Bennett





   Jackie Bennett




Jackie Bennett is an artist-weaver with over 20 years’ experience. She exhibits her

work locally, nationally and internationally and undertakes commissions. She

teaches weaving and runs bespoke workshops for groups and in community


Recently she has developed her teaching techniques online with participants joining

weaving classes from all over the world. She is also exhibiting online and has an

online shop selling original works, prints and cards.

She is a member of Outside In, The British Tapestry Group, the East Sussex Guild of

Weavers Spinners and Dyers and Sussex Arts Collective.

Twitter/ Instagram @jackietapestry

SWING ZAZOU have their rehearsal and recording studio here at Pop Up.

We collide 30's and 40's Big Band and Gypsy Swing with live mixed beats - a foot stomping recipe of souring hot-swing licks, driving swing-scat vocals and vintage harmonies that creates the fully charged and irresistible sound of Live Electro Swing.


We also have two sister projects: 'ZOOPHONIUM', live vintage remix, and 'ZOOT ZAZOU', 1930s 5 piece swing band. Lots more sounds and video on our links. We hope you enjoy....

Wishworks have a studio and a storage room at Pop Up, home to all our sets, puppets,  props and workshop materials from the 15 years since WishWorks began. In their studio they make carnival structures, sets and puppets for new shows and ventures.They have developed puppet shows for children in collaboration with both Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and the Natural History Museum in London. They perform in schools, theatres, libraries and at festivals throughout the UK and France.


      Geniene Burchett




 Phone: 07817859210


Genie Is a busy mum of two children, she is a full time mother home schooling both her children and fully enjoys doing her bit as a Co~Ordinator of Pop Up Art Studios.

She has facilitated women empowerment circles and ceremonies for many years and loves to gather people for creative mandala making she is the founder of Dream Wishing Tree Creations and enjoys facilitating a variety of workshops and enjoys working at festivals.

Dream Wishing Tree has many branches as well as an actual 7.5 ft hand made Tree that can be hired and themed for any occasion such as a wedding, festival, party or play. its a wonderful aspect and makes a magical part of any space.

Genie has worked at many Festivals and gatherings over the years, team leading as well as working within decor teams, she loves working in groups and co~creating magical spaces where visitors would sit and be breathe and arrive in themselves and maybe even spot a faerie being diving through the willow creations hanging amongst the trees.

Genie loves running easy follow workshops and gathering people to do a variety of wonderful creative and connective projects, such as Creating sacred 'keep sake creations' such as dreamcatchers, woven star wish mandalas, Wands and also is more than happy to hold space for women to hold a loving mother baby blessing, for a dear mother to be, for her to be blessed with words, and held with loving intentions and if she so desires genie will paint a beautiful heartfelt image on that wonderful round belly ! 

Gift vouchers available for a unique experience for a loved one or dear friend. 


   Samira Harris



     07979 651718

Samira has spent much of her career as a fine artist, teacher and running community spaces such as Zu Studios. All if this has had a foundation in spiritual practice, working on herself to be able to be the most loving and committed to a purposeful life as possible.


In the last three years she has deepened her practice and through Pop-Up Studios offered her skills to the community with massage, healing and life coaching. Her work is about offering a space of settled stillness in which people learn how to connect more deeply with their body and movement. Word has spread and this is now her main occupation. 

You can have a session with Samira at Pop-Up Studios or in Kew in London.

If you want to find out more about her work her website is:



   Cara Brennan




 Fine Artist, Travel photographer, Jewellery designer and maker, performer and Vortex Healer




"I endeavor to capture the magic, colour and wonder of our 

world through photography, painting and other media. "

Cara has been designing jewellery since the age of 11. After completing her degree in Visual and Performing arts in Nottingham, she travelled abroad to find interesting and unique stones and beads. She incorporates the seven chakra stones to help balance the seven chakras and always uses high quality stones and metals, as well as unusual beads and Swarovski crystal. She has sold her work nationally and internationally and has also been featured in Marie Claire.


Cara also specialises in travel photography. She has travelled extensively and loves to capture the colour and beauty of the world and its people. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions and used on CD album covers.


Recently Cara has been creating large abstract paintings. Cara is a diverse artist and also produces ceramics and environmental public art.


    Darryl Black


My Purpose and Passion is to create Unique Upcycled Clothing… dream up a Second life for Old Threads, crafting Feisty Festival Finery, Stunning Show stoppers & Wild Wooly Wonders that will have you stopped in the street.

I create One of a kind pieces of patchworked and appliquéd knitwear and accessories form recycled /upcycled materials, silk dresses and tops from Vintage silk scarves and other garments from whatever else I find to deconstruct and give a new lease of life to……New resources to be used this winter include vividly patterned vintage blankets from Holland and pastel checkered from Wales….


Every piece is ONE OF A KIND...Let me inspire you with my ONE-OFF designs……

I am happy to revamp your old favourites... Send me your item – I will transform it beyond your dreams and give it a second life, Hats, Gloves, Hoods, Scarves  & Schoodies are concocted from leftover bits and not to be discarded off cuts.



   Sarah Marie


      07738 123 584


 Artist and Reflexologist




My name is Sarah Marie

I’m an abstract artist using nature, emotion and colour as my medium.

and I have also been practicing and learning about holistic therapies for the last 12 years.

My reflexology sessions are deeply restorative, gentle and offer stress relief and re balancing of the whole body.

Reflexology is a non invasive gentle therapy that uses pressure points on the feet to bring wellness and healing.



   Layla may 



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