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Some of our fabulous members from the past but never left our hearts ...


Here are some of them ... please do browse and click links for more information 

Jill Parsons

Jill Parsons is an environmental artist, nature connection practitioner and educationalist. She has been involved with the Art of Mentoring and has worked for Circle of Life Rediscovery, Sacred Earth, Wild Nature, Cultivating Curiosity, as well as running her own independant projects. She's also an art teacher and has been an Artist in Residence at various schools through the Creative Partnerships initiative.


As an artist she works in ceramics often incorporating photographic elements. Her work weaves together her exploration of nature connection, deep ecology, buddhist philosophy and indigenous spirituality creating a lens through which to explore the human condition. 


Keith Ellis

Keith is a multi instrumentalist performer and producer. For his sins he fronts the live Electro Swing outfit SWING ZAZOU on clarinet and vocals and when the sun is up he produces soundtracks using any instrument or electronic sound he can get his hands on.


He founded Movingsounds CIC which facilitates creative workshops in music and environmental issues. MOVINGSOUNDShad become an umbrella for many of our communities' creative projects. 


Keith owes a debt to his grandfather Philip Donald who played swing clarinet back in the day and to all those who have encouraged him over the years.

Lily & Peter Sequoia

Wetheuncivilized is a documentary film, exploring the possibilities that exist beyond the perameters of this 'civilized' world. Our journey over the past year has taken us the length and breadth of Britain. We have camped beside Highland Lochs in Scotland, and slept on bedroom floors in Bristol.


We have spoken to many people, from  Satish Kumar to Polly Higgins; Bruce Parry  to  Glennie Kindred; Not to mention countless other inspiring people who are living the change and working at a grass-roots level - the activists, the artists, the alternative communities, the musicians, and the mavericks. The stories and wisdom we have gleaned during this uncivilized journey will form the fabric of the film, which is set for general release in Spring 2015.


  Claudia heARTspace


After working for 17years at Royal Mail 7years in various management roles Claudia has at last acknowledged her intrinsic role in this area and combines her intuition, observational skills and ability to offer a unique Tailored Management service, available to individuals, businesses, groups or projects. What I will formulate will be designed to suit you, your needs and your desired outcome.


A love of feet leads her to offer sessions of Metamorphic Technique which is a gentle practice given on the feet hands and head that can assist in releasing patterns that were picked up while in the womb. Metamorphic Technique is relaxing, gentle and loving. To say yes to a session is your lifeforce saying YES to transformation.

....and so many more! Website to be updated soon...

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